Turbo Honest Jet Torch Cigar Lighter

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If you want to use the grill lighter for a long time then our honest jet torch cigar lighter is perfect for you. It is suitable for the length of the second section of fingers, which makes it more comfortable to hold. The stiffness of the ignition switch is moderate, which will make you feel comfortable and smooth when you start to light the fire. The aluminum alloy shell is strong enough to withstand daily abrasion as well as prevent leakage. The smooth sanded body prevents slipping and the tactile feel with the human-mechanically designed bow will make you fall in love with it.

The powerful torch jet flames emerge with a simple squeeze, also easily handle any breeze. The fire is always stronger than the wind and you can adjust the flames by turning the gear on the button so that you do not forget when you practice outdoor activities such as barbecue, hunting, camping. The flashlight lighter has a super strong flame, so it is forbidden to face the body or anything flammable. Always keep lighters away from children. Keep away from the face when lighting or regulating the flame.

  • Material: Metal
  • Technics: Lacquer
  • Model Number: HONEST High-end Gas Lighter
  • Size: 154*21*20mm
  • Weight: 58.2g
  • Filled with gas type: Butane gas
  • Tips: No Gas or Butane

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