Super Sharp Ceramic Knives

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These Super Sharp Ceramic Knives are made of zirconia, which is second in hardness only to diamond. They are harder than stainless steel knives and retain their sharp cutting edge up to ten times longer than steel knives. Unlike steel knives, ceramic knives do not need to be regularly resharpened. Its blade is 10 times sharper than a normal steel blade and can be used for a long time without sharpening. The non-slip handle of the kitchen knife is made of BPA-free abs material which is very comfortable to hold for a long time. Clean your knife blade comfortably after each use and store it with the knife sheath.

Our ceramic knives set are harder than traditional steel kitchen knives, they are also lighter. In fact, these ceramic knives are half the weight of most metal knives. Additionally, our knives have an ergonomic, arched handle, giving you excellent grip and control while cutting boneless meat, bread, fruits, and vegetables. The durable and cold knife set is non-magnetic and non-allergic, making them safe to be used with every food item. Sharp and functional kitchen knives are perfect for various cooking purposes including cutting, chopping, etc.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Knife Type: Chef Knives
  • Color: Black Red Grey Green
  • Metal Type of blade: Zirconium oxide
  • Material of handle: ABS
  • Packaging: Four-piece set + peeler
  • Knife type 1: 6-inch bread ceramic knife
  • Knife type 2: 6-inch chef ceramic knife
  • Knife type 3: 5-inch utility ceramic knife
  • Knife type 4: 4-inch slicing ceramic knife
  • Knife type 5: 3-inch paring ceramic knife

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