Stainless Steel Garlic Press Crusher

Save 33%

The best garlic press is built of robust, high-quality stainless steel that is suited for daily use and can endure heavy garlic crushing. There's no need to clean up a mess, and there's no need to remove and handle the chamber basket; simply open the handles and rinse your best garlic mincer under the faucet. Garlic cloves, peeled and unpeeled, can be crushed and minced in seconds. Simply place cloves in the chamber and squeeze handles with this stainless steel presser.

With a lot of small holes on the bottom, this is designed to make fine and even garlic clove crush which will add garlic flavor to any dish. It is compact and lightweight, won't take much space for storage. It is convenient to wash, you can use water to directly flush it. The garlic press tool features a smooth and fine surface, the handle is comfortable to use. You can use it in a kitchen, restaurant, etc..

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