Meat Marinade Injector

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The food injector syringe is the best barbecue tool. This marinade injector or marinade syringe means that you can marinate meat in minutes. Inject a marinade sauce right into the middle of the meat rather than just rubbing it on the surface. Our marinade injector kit is made of durable and sharp food contact safe material, the needles pierce any meat or poultry with ease, ensuring that you can enrich the flavor of hard or thick cuts. Our meat injector is designed for quick and easy disassembly. With cleaning, the brush makes cleaning a breeze, dishwasher safe. Our perfectly crafted seasoning injector makes every bite of meat tasty and juicy.

The meat injector syringe handle is ergonomically designed, and the grip is more comfortable. The strong grip and pressure control make the flavor injector easy to operate with one hand. With the scale on the food injector syringe kit, you can inject different doses into the food according to your needs; it can help you season your food better. The syringe needle has holes in it either side to help distribute the marinade evenly through the meat. It’s a great way to get the best out of joints of meat and enhance them with delicious, juicy flavors.


  • Feature: Non-Stick
  • Feature: Heat Resistance
  • Feature: Easily Cleaned
  • Feature: Welded
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: Other
  • Finishing: Other

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