Handmade Dragon's Claw Meat Cleaver

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Do you want every time you cook to be a unique experience? The solution is this unique dragon's claw meat cleaver knife. That this is a hand-forged knife made of high carbon steel and high manganese steel, the high carbon steel has a better ability to keep sharp edges and greatly improves the toughness of the butcher knife. You won't find two identical models because each of our knives is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail. It will last a long service life. You can effectively meet the various uses of the kitchen knife.

It has been carefully forged, ground, and polished with good sharpness, toughness, durability, and excellent cutting performance. The special surface of the forged knife is nice and non-stick, you can finish your daily kitchen cutting work effectively. The handle made of high-quality rosewood is more wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, with two wonderful dragon-shaped brass carvings, the butcher knife will be an absolutely beautiful scenery in your kitchen. It is suitable for both home and restaurant kitchens.


  • Metal Type: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Brown
  • Type: Chopping knife/Slicing knife/Chef knife
  • Weight: 720g
  • Size: 34*10.2 cm
  • Length of handle: 12.5 cm
  • Length of blade: 21.3 cm
  • Thickness: 0.3 cm
  • Hardness: 58-60
  • Material: 7Cr17MOV steel
  • Place of production: China
  • Casting way: Handmade
  • The design way: Full-tang design

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