Handmade kitchen Meat Cleaver

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This meat cleaver knife is the new must-have for every passionate cook, this traditional hand forged Chinese butcher cleaver promises unparalleled dexterity. Our knife is 100% hand-made. It is made of high-carbon stainless steel clad steel blade. Its operation process is very complicated. The time for producing a knife is longer than an ordinary knife. Sharpness is the most important feature and key for every meat cleaver and we achieved this fantastic result in providing the ideal precision sharpness.

This operation guarantees the hardness and sharpness of this knife. Its thickness gives you just the edge you need to push down on pieces of meat, providing the perfect cut. Take this to the next level no matter dicing, carving, slicing, or chopping your vegetables and meat. Our Butcher knives are beautifully crafted in every aspect to represent our love of kitchen life and the desire of chasing the ultimate in quality.


Origin: CN(Origin)
Material: Stainless Steel
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Type: Knives
Knife Type: Cleaver

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