1000ML Tip Mouth Plastic Measuring Cup

Save 33%

Measure and form every pancake perfectly with this great new tool! This long-spout measuring cup works well with thin batters and liquids and can be used for canning, soap making, candle making, watering plants, and more. This pouring measuring jug has unique handles with thumb rests that are designed for comfort and a secure grip while pouring. Both right and left-handed people can use it. This design also allows for a nesting, stacked storage option.

This 1000ml tip-mouth plastic measuring jug is made with food-grade measuring cups for baking and is safe to directly contact food, drop-proof, sturdy to hold heat and cold material, lighter than glass ones, and no more fear about breakage or deformation. Our liquids, sauces, purees, glazes, batters, frostings, dressing, and gravies with no-drip precision.

  • Ideal for filling muffin pans and pouring batter into molded bakeware.
  • Translucent for quick and easy measuring. Easy to view contents.
  • Fda and LFGB grade PP. Heat resistant to 320F/160C.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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